Working in an office can be challenging, especially when you have multiple tasks to do at once, as well as discussing the work with your colleagues. Due to this, it can often get frustrating.

Oftentimes, you get interrupted when you are in the middle of an important task or when you are on the phone. This is obviously not the ideal situation.

This is why busylight was created. This system is specifically designed for offices and working environments. If you don’t know much about this device, keep reading to find out everything you need to know about busylight.


What is busylight?


This is a form of online indicator that can be really useful for offices and other types of working environment.

Essentially, this system allows people to change their current work status to settings such as ‘busy’, ‘available’ or ‘on a call’. This is achieved through the use of different coloured lights.

The system makes it much easier for people to see if their colleagues are otherwise engaged or if they are free to have a work based discussion. This prevents awkward situations such as interrupting someone while they are on a call or trying to talk to someone whilst they are in the middle of a task.

The device comes in a range of different styles to suit any office layout. There are some devices that can be placed on the top of a cubicle, or on the top of a computer, others sit on the desk and some can be placed on an office door.


Why is busylight useful?

The device can be really useful in many different working environments. Anyone who has worked in an office will understand the frustration of being interrupted when you are trying to do several different tasks at once. Busylight technology prevents this. There are three main benefits of this technology.

  • It improves productivity. The obvious benefit of this system is that it prevents time wasting and essentially means that more work is done in a day. Colleagues will quickly and easily be able to determine if you are free or not, and this will prevent any awkward loitering around your desk. Furthermore, this system will also prevent people from interrupting you while you are in the middle of something.
  • It allows you to focus. Distractions are one of the main issues when it comes to working in an office, but the busylight technology puts a stop to this. It can sometimes be challenging to concentrate when you feel as though someone is going to come and ask you a question at any moment. The system will allow you to feel confident that no one will interrupt you if you have set you device to ‘busy’. This will allow you to get on with your work without any interruptions or distractions.
  • It improves client service. It’s no secret that businesses are only able to function because of their clients. Therefore, it is essential that you keep your clients happy; one way of doing this is by ensuring you give them good service and you get their work completed on time. The system makes it much easier to talk on the phone with clients without any interruptions and therefore keep them happy.


Can the colours be customised?

One of the best things about this device is that it is completely customisable. The standard colours are red, blue, and green, but these can easily be changed.

Due to this, busylight is perfect for any office. The customization allows you to create your own color schemes and ensure that the system is as effective as possible for your environment.