Why are dance studios in CBD popular in 2018?

What separates them from the same outlets in suburban and regional areas of Australia?

There are a number of pertinent answers to these questions, but for participants who wish to get the most out their investment with these classes, it is worthwhile taking a moment to recognize this trend.

Taking into account various socioeconomic reasons that sees a higher proportion of individuals transition to the city, communities are created in these central business districts where culture is infused with music and movement.

This is inescapable and contagious, seeing more people sign up and becoming involved in a community of their own.


Range of Studio Options

Simply undertake an online search and users will quickly discover that the range of dance studios in the CBD is significant. That diversity in choice for the consumer is ideal, allowing the free market to decide which outlets are popular for certain demographics. One studio that specializes in freestyle, breakdancing and hip-hop will likely be a go-to destination for the younger generation, seeing Samba and Tango classes for couples and middle-aged participants. There will be providers who schedule a mixture of styles to entice a combination of young and old, but the reality is that the people who enlist can transition between providers with ease.

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Where The Teachers Gravitate

Many of the leading teachers in this field tend to gravitate to dance studios in the CBD. This will occur through a headhunting process, or simply because they see it as the perfect environment to foster their work and engage more participants along the way. Students who see this transition towards the central business district can follow their lead and believe that their education with an instructor is not at an end, enlisting in their classes in the centre of the city. These outlets often have greater resources and capacity to house more classes, making it an enticing prospect for educators in this niche.


Cultural Diversity

From Melbourne to Sydney and Brisbane to Perth, locating dance studios in the CBD allows you to be part of an environment that is rich in cultural diversity. This is a benefit that impacts the practice as influencers from South America, North America, Asia, Africa and Europe will migrate in greater numbers to a central business district than they will in regional areas of the country. Nothing is ever static in this art form as figures and innovators from around the world continue to seek inspiration for their work. The greater the diversity, the more chance the participant is exposed to new forms of dance that they can take on board, pushing their own boundaries along the way.



The convenience for students who attend dance studios in the CBD is there for all to see. Wish to have a short pit stop to enjoy a snack or meal on the way there? Want to drop by and exercise at the gym? Have some time to kill over a movie? Need to fit in some grocery shopping on the way home? The fact of the matter is a metropolitan studio is an ideal way to pack in a series of different activities within a short time frame. Large shopping complexes are home to outlets in this niche and this allows students to embrace the hobby as they enjoy what the city has to offer in this vicinity.




The cost and logistics of travel in rural and suburban regions can really affect the budget and time management of people leading busy lives. From the fuel prices that are rising to parking fees and venturing between destinations, dance studios in the CBD are perfect for city-based residents. With a comprehensive bus and train network, public transport allows students to travel efficiently and directly without having to stress about all of those other concerns. Citizens have enough on their plate with cost of living expenses, so making the travel between classes easier only benefits the participant.


Finding New Dance Groups

Wish to find a new group to hang out with and make a connection through this art form? People who are new to the city that are striving for a personal connection find dance studios in the CBD as a perfect starting point, engaging with other like-minded individuals that are passionate about their style and want to bring others into the fold. The social aspect is not lost on educators as people from all around the city make weekly appointments with their instructor. These classes can blossom to making friendships that last the distance, especially with a greater diversity and population in the central business districts of Australian cities.



Anyone interested in signing up to dance studios in the CBD will be welcomed with open arms. This is an environment to learn, to push boundaries, to make friendships and to get the most out of the time available.