The innovation technology in being able to ask things without touching a screen is a wow moment for everyone especially when it does what you asked it to do. Reacting to commands is the beautiful thing about Alexa. When I first heard her name, I thought of her as a person. Only doing research showing what this technology can achieve.

Voice computing is taking over, and Alexa is a big reason why. Amazon is working on how to make Alexa smarter and more like a person. They are discovering products that can work with Alexa and setting up the products so that everyone in the world will be able to work with Alexa. These products will become available to anyone. In hotel rooms, you will use voice control to activate what is going on for what you need. Hopefully personalised to know you and your specific needs. Similarly, in the workplace, public places and in cars. Voice will become the predominant way to interface with a lot of technology.

Voice recognition will not be able to replace screens, but it will compliment them. People have worked for many years on voice recognition. Speech recognition has gone so far because we have computing possibilities and capabilities that we did not have many years ago. We finally have the artificial intelligence algorithms and can learn from more significant amounts of data. Computer technology can extract grammar and deal with languages that we do not know.


There are sensors everywhere gathering data all the time. They are on devices and utilities as well as on engines, machines our cars, so when the systems are on they all produce data. They know about you too. Your data is in the government also like your income tax, what are your marital status and your address. Every movie you watch, every move you make, so that they can figure out what you like and what to sell to you. We will give all this information, information that are extremely useful.

We give our location data, where we are going, how fast we are going. Robotics is an applied application, where they take all this data and use it. You get automated farming and driverless vehicles. It is happening. Tesla reports back and makes improvements to their cars continuously.

In noisy environments, speech recognition works great. With Alexa you do not have to be near her, she will respond to you even if you are further away.

Alexa has an Echo, a speech recognition service that recognises the wake-up word. When you call her name, she wakes up. The command is then sent to the cloud to enable the device to do more complicated things that are required. Amazon has made a prominent place for Alexa, but there are still significant challenges to face. This Echo voice activation that awakens Alexa made some people worried about their privacy.

The concern for the future is, will Alexa automatically shoot an intruder when the intruder alarm is activated?